Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Sunshine Coast Properties

Window Cleaning Sunshine CoastIf painting gives a property the “biggest bang for your buck”, window cleaning has to be a very close second.

There is nothing worse than murky, grimy windows.  So once they are properly cleaned, the transformation is remarkable.

That’s why one of our most popular services is window cleaning Sunshine Coast properties.  Because they cop their fair share of everyday weather.  In addition, the sea spray leaves a salty film on the glass of coastal properties.

Professional window cleaning

Are you looking for a professional and reliable window cleaner? One that will leave your windows looking brand new? Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning are available to offer our services wherever you are located on the Sunshine Coast.  Proudly a locally run business, we offer our services to private residences and businesses in the area.  We spend a good deal of our time window cleaning Caloundra properties, Kawana, Buddina, Birtinya and Wurtulla properties.  Cleaning these and other surrounding suburbs is a core part of our business.  For a detailed list of the suburbs where we offer our services, see Our Service Areas.

Windows can be such an important part of your property’s aesthetics. That’s why it’s important to us that we do a great job and leave you with something you can be proud of!  Most importantly, you’ll feel you’ve received a valuable and worthwhile service.

When your windows are cleaned by Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning, we work to ensure the results will be fantastic. This is because you will be hiring a team of qualified professionals who take pride in their work and will leave your property looking brand new.

Although we do work with private residences, our specialty lies with businesses and commercial properties.  We are able to service businesses of any size, without compromising the quality of work. It’s what we do best!

Why a professional window cleaner?

Windows often take up a large surface area in your property and are usually the first thing people see when they arrive. Unfortunately, windows are also the first thing to become dirty. Even the smallest layer of dirt and dust can bring down the feeling of the location.

Windows are also notoriously difficult to clean! You can trust us with that! Product such as advertising or other sticker materials become difficult to remove and will still be visible after the toughest of cleans. It’s also important that the right cleaning materials are used, otherwise there will be tissue or cotton left on the window which can make the windows look murky or darker than they actually are.

Another downside to cleaning yourself is that often it’s easier to use more product than is needed, which ends up going down the drain and ending up in our waterways which can be harmful to our marine life and to people. This is where hiring a professional team like Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning comes in! You can avoid all of those difficulties.

What type of window cleaning services do you get when you hire us?

Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning are qualified and experienced in window cleaning jobs of all kinds. Our staff have cleaned windows of all shapes and sizes. No job is too big or too small. Our team is given the proper training and knows what types of material to use to suit your window needs. This means that there will be no nasty/murky residue left on after the clean, and no bits of tissue or cotton left over making it look dirty!

Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning is also passionate about the environment and love using products that are ecofriendly. This means no nasty chemicals are being used when we clean your windows. The team is also expert in the amount of product that should be used. This is great news for our marine animals, because any product that did happen to make it’s way into the waterways will not add pollution and be harmful to them. This is great news for the dugongs, whales and dolphins that live in our waterways.

What are the benefits of choosing Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning for window cleaning Sunshine Coast properties?

  • Knowing you have a qualified and certified team working on your property, meaning you’re getting the best in cleaning services
  • Ecofriendly products, which means a healthier environment marine life and the people using the space
  • Experience with window cleaning, which means a beautiful finished clean with no nasty residue
  • Fantastic customer service so you can rest easy knowing your job is taken care of by friendly staff who know what they are doing

If you’re looking for a professional window cleaner on the Sunshine Coast, Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning is the company for you. We will provide you with a team of qualified, professional staff who have experience in all sorts of window cleaning jobs.

The amount of training and experience means you are getting an excellent window cleaning service. And remember, Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning will also only use products that are kind to the environment, which means a safer environment for you!

Call us to have us look after your windows and make your property shine and make the rest of your office look the best it can be!