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What do we do at Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning?  Our aim is to be the best choice of Sunshine Coast commercial cleaning services.  That means we do the best office cleaning and “dressing” on the coast:  more on dressing in a moment!  And, we want to delight and impress our customers.  We believe that office cleaning is much more than just cleaning floors and emptying the rubbish bins.  So here at Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning, we offer a complete office cleaning and dressing service.

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Commercial cleaning services Sunshine Coast

We are based on the sunny Sunshine Coast, so we can handle any commercial cleaning task between Caboolture and Noosa!  We have an experienced and skilled team who can handle any office cleaning and dressing task, whether big or small.

We do Office Cleaning AND “Dressing”!

We aim to be the best office cleaners on the Sunshine Coast and provide an all round Sunshine Coast commercial cleaning service that is simply better than the competitors.  We do a whole lot more than just a quick vacuum, sweep and rubbish run.  When it comes to creating a superior office environment, we believe it is important to have an office that feels, smells and looks great.  Not only do employees feel better about coming to work, but your clients will notice the difference!  That is why it is important to use the best commercial cleaning services.

Why is office cleaning important?

The appearance of an office speaks volumes about your business, both to your employees and to your customers.  A professional business needs to have a clean and orderly appearance.  And, the best way is to make sure that you use a professional office cleaning service.  We offer a comprehensive office cleaning service, and we are amenable to your requirements. If you have a preference for the times of cleaning service, during the day or night, we can support that.

So what are the secrets to office cleaning and dressing?

The secret to having a clean office is to consider the whole office environment.  If there are windows, then the windows should be cleaned regularly, inside and out.  If there is a shared foyer space, then it should be and inviting space for clients to enter.  Remember first impressions mean a lot when it comes to new customers.  If there are conference rooms or meeting spaces, then these areas should be cleaned and dressed prior to use.

We provide the full range of office cleaning and dressing, such as:

  • window cleaning,
  • floor cleaning,
  • kitchen cleaning,
  • bathroom cleaning and servicing.

But we also go one step further when it comes to the finishing touches such as:

  • table polishing,
  • desk cleaning,
  • thorough dusting of surfaces,
  • carpet cleaning, and
  • we even return all the chairs and furnishings back to a neat and tidy appearance.

We believe it is important to pay attention to all of the smallest details.  If you have plants in the office, either real or plastic, then it is important to keep these clean and dust free.  This small touch really lifts the whole office space!

A clean office is a safe office

As we all know, work health and safety are very important.  We believe that office cleaning services are at the heart of health and safety.  It can be keeping the floors clean and tidy, or reducing the amount of chemicals in the air.  It can simply be about removing trip hazards, but we have safety as our number one priority.  Because when you open the doors for business in the morning, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that employees and clients have a safe and welcoming place to enter.  We believe that a clean office is a safe office environment for all staff and visitors.

What office cleaning requirements do you have?

No matter what type of office space or commercial cleaning requirement you have, we have the experience to match the job.  Here at Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaners, we train our staff for all types of commercial cleaning requirements, and no job is to large or too small.  Whether you have a crystal clean work space, or a heavy duty industrial or commercial space, we have the experience and know how to clean for you!

Call us today at Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning, for an obligation free quote from the best sunshine coast commercial cleaning services team!

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