Shade Sail Cleaning – Bright and Fresh Once More

Shade Sail Cleaning Mooloolaba

Do you have shade sails that look like they’ve seen better days?  You’re not alone!  Shade Sails of all shapes and sizes are a popular choice for our stunning outdoor lifestyle here on the Sunshine Coast. Chances are, though, your shade sails just need a good cleaning.  With a professional commercial cleaning service team, like Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning, this is an easy win for you.  We take care of those interesting cleaning jobs such as shade sail cleaning and pressure washing of outdoor surfaces.  The transformations can be amazing, and value-adding to your home or property.

Because Crystal Clear are expert at outdoor cleaning, as well as indoors, you can trust that your property will be cleaned to the highest standard.  You can leave your shade sail cleaning to us and know they will be cleaned in the correct way. You will be left with great results, without causing any damage or reducing their useful life.

Why is it important to keep your shade sails clean?

Shade Sails can be both beautiful and add a functional element to your property. They provide a cooler space and can really make use of places that otherwise would have been too hot to use. Unfortunately, they are also often prone to collecting dust and dirt. This can build up over time and start to make them look aged and unkempt. Then one day you’ll realise, your property looks uncared for.  When this happens, the value of your property can be adversely affected.

Shade sail cleaning for businesses

Do you use shade sails for your business, office space or commercial building? The condition of your shade sails may have an affect on customer’s or client’s first impressions. That’s why keeping them presentable, in good condition and looking clean can really add up in the long run!

What happens if you move? Another benefit to maintaining your shade sails is that if you ever move your location, or want to simplify during the cooler/darker months, you are able to pack them away without removing caked on mud or other nasties.  It’s as easy as that!

Extending the life of shade sails

When you invest your time and money in something like shade sails, you want to make them last! That’s why keeping them clean and looking great is so important. When dirt or dust (or salt spray!) has built up too much over time, it begins to damage the sails.  Mould can also be a problem, with health implications.

At Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning our staff are all trained to clean with care. No heavy machinery or high pressure cleaning will be used when shade sail cleaning. Only gentle methods, designed to give a thorough clean, without causing any damage.

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, whether north to Maroochydore, south to Caloundra or West to Maleny, you can benefit from our professional commercial cleaning services. We look forward to speaking with you, to learn how we can help you present and enjoy your property at its very best.