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Office Cleaning Sunshine Coast and Hinterland Businesses

Office Cleaning Sunshine CoastWhen it comes to your office space, you want to know that the environment is comfortable, clean and hygienic. Not only for your customers and clients, but also for the people working there! That’s why it’s so important to hire a team of professional cleaners to take care of your office space.  You want know that it’s getting the highest quality office cleaning Sunshine Coast and Hinterland businesses can.

Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning specializes in offices, as well as commercial and industrial spaces.  Our services are available in all areas of the Sunshine Coast.  We cover surrounding areas such as Kawana Waters and Caloundra, Maroochydore out to Montville and Maleny.

Whether you have a small office with only a number of staff, or a large office or commercial space that has hundreds of employees, Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning can do a great job for you. As they say, no job is too large or too small!  And with the years of experience and training we have, no job is too challenging!

Why engage a professional office cleaner?

Office, commercial and industrial spaces usually have people moving in and out of them throughout the day.   In addition they often have staff spending large amounts of time in them. It is also common for clients and customers to be spending time in the office area throughout the day. So it’s imperative for the wellbeing of those using the space that it is cleaned to the highest standard.  When you have a large number of people inhabiting the same area, germs causing illnesses and the ‘by-products’ of living (e.g. food remnants & dirty coffee cups) abound.  To avoid creating an unhealthy environment riddled with germs, pests and rodents, effective cleaning is critical!  So it goes without saying that those cleaning the spaces need to be trained in commercial cleaning.  This means having a good grasp of the equipment utilised and cleaning methods employed.

Also important is that your office or commercial space is often the first thing clients see when they walk through. You want to be able to leave a positive lasting impression and make those in the space feel comfortable!  Sparkling windows, dust-free areas and clean surfaces stand out in a positive way.  A neutral, fresh odour is far preferable to an atmosphere of stale and unclean smells.  Perhaps not immediately obvious, but a neutral and fresh atmosphere is also far preferable to a smell of strong cleaning chemicals.

Why choose Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning?

High Standards

Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning focuses on providing a reliable and professional clean to the highest standards. With years of experience and training, you will be working with a team that is passionate about their work, and who has the skill to make any space sparkle.


All Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning staff are police checked.  Consequently, you can relax knowing that your office is in trustworthy hands.

Respectful and Mindful

Commercial and office cleaning does require a team with training and experience. Respect for fragile and expensive equipment is important, as is knowledge of cleaning standards for non-domestic spaces.  Punctuality and respect for the work enviroment are considered paramount in our business.  That means no distracting chatter from our team or unnecessary clatter as we go about our business.  Generally we will clean outside of office operating hours.  But should cleaning your space while you are working be unavoidable, you can be assured of our absolute respect for your professionalism and privacy.


We are a natural cleaning company.  Only the highest standard, eco-friendly cleaning methods and products are used in the services we provide. We use Norwex equipment and cleaning methodology.  These products are completely non-toxic and do not contain any harmful chemicals.  We’re adamant about this, as ‘traditional’ chemical cleaning can run into the waterways, causing devastation in our oceans. Non-toxic Norwex products are also better for the people using the space. Mainstream, chemical heavy products often have serious health consequences to humans, such as breathing issues, or skin irritation. That’s why we use only the best, eco-friendly products in our business.

What type of spaces can we work with?

Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning works with a number of different office styles! Our office cleaning Sunshine Coast & Hinterland clients include:Office Cleaning Sunshine Coast

  • Medical facilities, such as clinics and alternative medicine studios
  • Chemists and Pharmacies
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Psychologist offices
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office spaces, such as computer labs etc.
  • Retail stores, such as supermarkets

If you’re seeking office cleaning Sunshine Coast and Hinterland services, we’d love the opportunity to provide a quote for you. If you are looking for skilled, experienced, reliable, respectful and professional cleaners, you will not be disappointed with what we offer.  Your expectations will be met, should you be seeking a consistently high standard of service, with operators who use only the best eco-friendly products.  In fact, we will strive to exceed your expectations.

Call Andrew Pow on 0419 734 494 for a quotation on your requirements.