Natural Cleaning Products – For an Eco Friendly Clean

Natural Cleaning Products

Did you know that you can have a clean and healthy home using just simple, natural cleaning products?  No longer is there any need to use harsh chemicals for that bright clean appearance.  No longer is there any need to wash chemical leftovers into the environment.  With the latest natural cleaning products, you can have a cleaner and greener home.  Why choose one over the other?  Here at Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning, we help you  have a cleaner and greener property, simply by using the best natural cleaning products.

Natural fibre cleaning materials

In our business, we believe in reducing the amount of exposure to chemical cleaners.  Because you care about your family, and because we care about your family – and the environment.  The best way to achieve a cleaner and greener home is using the latest natural microfibre technology.  This drastically reduces the residue of chemicals in our homes and offices.  We can all enjoy happy and healthier lives using natural cleaning products that really work.  Not least of all, you can be assured that you are doing your bit for the future of the planet.

How do natural cleaning products work?

Although it can seem difficult to comprehend, natural microfibre cleaning materials really do the job.  The key to the success of natural cleaning products lies at the microscopic level.  Normal cleaning materials simply push the particles of dirt around the surface.  Cleaning agents may lift the residue from the surface, but they do not remove it.  Dirt and other particles are simply spread around the surface.  Furthermore, the dirt and particles catch in cracks and crevices.  Consequently, the surface isn’t clean.

Natural cleaners are superior

The latest technology in natural microfibre actually uses an electrostatic charge to attract and pick up the particles of dust and dirt.  So the grime is removed, rather than wiped all over the surface.  Furthermore, there is no chemical residue.  You can be assured that your office or household surfaces are cleaner, without the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.  A large component of the pollution that we breathe these days actually comes from inside our homes and workplaces.  The chemicals we use around the house make up a large proportion of the air pollution that we breathe in.  And chemicals are bad for the environment as well.

Use natural cleaners wet or dry

We use natural cleaning products because they work both wet and dry.  When used dry, the natural fibre acts with an electrostatic charge to lift and remove particles.  So this method is great for dusting.  Even the smallest pieces of grit, dirt and grease are caught within the microfibre, and removed.  Especially nasty allergens – no matter how small – are completely removed.  As a result, your living spaces are clean and dry.

When used wet, the woven fabric lifts and removes the stubborn dirt and grease, leaving the microfibre in the cloth to clean and purify the surface.  The secret of cleaning with the latest natural cleaning products is that the hard work is done at the microscopic level.  The fibre is ultra-thin, and just a fraction of the size of a human hair.  Norwex fibre is super absorbent, and leaves your living areas clean and streak free.  And all we use is pure clean water.  There are no toxic chemicals involved.  Crystal Clear Commerical Cleaning leaves you with a clean home and a clear conscience.

We can clean your property from top to bottom

Using all natural products, we can bring out the beautiful features of your property.  There’s nothing like sparkling, clear windows and reflecting surfaces to say ‘clean’.  Because we believe in reducing the level of chemical waste, we love this approach.  Get rid of that messy mop and bucket.  Lose those containers of harmful chemicals.  Let us show you how we can clean your, kitchen, bathrooms, windows, desks and even the floors without cleaning agents.  We can give your house that brilliant clean, using nothing but water, and our favorite sustainable cleaning products.

Clean home, clean conscience with nothing but natural cleaners

In our commercial cleaning business in Maleny and the Sunshine Coast, we use all natural cleaning products.  In particular, we use the Norwex Microfibre cleaning system.  We know natural cleaners offer you a powerful clean using pure water. All of our natural cleaning products use enzymes for a superior cleaning result.  There is no need for chemicals, which are harmful to people, animals and the environment.

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