House Cleaning Caloundra and Mooloolaba

From your specialists in house cleaning Caloundra, Mooloolaba and places between, here are our best tips for keeping your house looking great between cleaners visits!

Everyone loves that feeling of a nice fresh clean house!  You know that fresh smell left behind when the bathrooms have been done, and the kitchen benches are sparkling!  You know that special shine that the floors have after a proper clean?  Or that particular vacuum pattern on the rugs or carpet before they get trampled all over?  There is no doubt that there is an art to doing a professional house clean.  And that is why you should choose Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning!  We are the local experts in house cleaning in Caloundra, and we know how to leave your place with that special just-been-cleaned feeling!

How do you keep your house looking great?

But the question many people have is:

How can we keep the house looking and feeling clean after our professional house cleaning Caloundra specialists, Crystal Clear, have been? 

The biggest clue is all about the organisation.  If you have a busy house full of kids, pets and working parents, then you need to be organised!  And this means everything from storage space, to the kitchen, the domestic schedule, chore rosters, and rules about the kitchen bench!  Often we find that the busiest areas are the first to be cluttered, but these same areas should be the ones to be tidied every day.  Kids rooms are important, but often they are not the highest traffic zones!

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Should I clean before the house cleaning is due?

This is the next big question that people ask us. Because we are highly experienced at house cleaning Caloundra, Mooloolaba and the beach suburbs, we know what the average busy households look like. But there is no hard and fast answer when it comes to cleaning up before the cleaner comes! Of course, it makes the job of house cleaning much easier if the house is tidy. Here at Crystal Clear Commerical Cleaning, we don’t mind picking up around the house.  However, it can take longer to finish the house cleaning. The other problem is that the cleaner may not always put things away in the right place.  So you need to keep your sense of humour when you can’t find the remote control!

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Tips to keeping the house clean in between house cleaning

Here is a list of simple tips to keep your house clean and tidy.  These are simple tips that can be used every day to keep the house clean.  It can be difficult to clean the whole house in one go, especially if you are busy.  So a more realistic idea is to just tidy up small areas at each time.  The important thing is to focus on the most important areas to keep clean.  Cleaning is all about

  • maintaining good habits,
  • keeping a routine, and
  • asking the family to join in and help out with individual chores.

Cleaning is an ongoing process, but there are some simple shortcuts to prevent you from spending every minute of the day cleaning and tidying.  After all, it is more important to share time with family and enjoying the small moments in life.  Leave the heavy work of the house cleaning to the expert house cleaning Caloundra and Mooloolaba crew!

Things to Do Every Day To Keep The House Clean

To avoid messing up the house, it is important to focus on just a few of the high traffic areas.  And also to prevent the mess from piling up too high!  Here is what we recommend;

  1. Make the Bed

This is such a simple task, yet it seems like such a chore each day!  It is also a good idea to teach the kids to make their bed each morning also.  Not only does this keep the bedroom tidy, but there are many people who say that making the bed is the best habit that you can have to set up for a great day.  When you make the effort to make the bed each morning, you know that you have the ability to take control of your day.  Making the bed also triggers those habits associated with organising the rest of your day, and organising is the key to a tidy house!

  1. Pick up dirty clothes and load the washing machine

Here is a great idea to keep the bedroom tidy, and to begin the laundry process with minimal effort.  By picking up things off the floor, the house will look and feel tidier.  And you will fell a whole lot better about things right from the start.  The laundry needs to be done anyway, so why not load the machine with all the dirty clothes?  It sure saves transferring the mess to another room!  It is your choice when and how you do the laundry. But at least it is not left lying on the floor.  Good, simple, house cleaning tips!

  1. Tidy the kitchen

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the heart and soul of most households.  And the trick is to keep the kitchen under control.  The best advice is to make sure the kitchen is left clean and tidy at the end of the day.  This is because it can make starting the new day much more enjoyable when the kitchen is clean!  Include

  • washing the dishes,
  • clearing and drying the clean dishes away,
  • wiping the benches, and
  • removing all that stuff that seems to pile up on the kitchen bench.

If you keep losing your car keys because you can’t find them on the kitchen bench, then find somewhere better to put them!  And the same goes for the rest of the family.  Homework, books, left over lunches, dirty dishes and the rest need to be cleared!  Not simply pushed aside to make more space.  Clean and organised is the new mantra!

  1. Shoes, hats and umbrellas

The next problem area often seems to pile up around the front or back door of the house.  All shoes, hats, umbrellas and other “stuff” needs to find a home that is neat and organised.  Our team are happy to clean up the dirt and detritus from those high traffic areas, but you will feel a whole lot better if the stuff is not left lying around!  The front door is often the first place where we enter the house after being out all day, and a mess at the front door is not likely to create a good impression.  Nor set the scene for a relaxing evening!

  1. Pets

When it comes to house cleaning Caloundra and anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast, there is always the issue of cleaning up after pets.  Without a doubt, household pets leave more mess than houses without pets!  So it important to know how to keep the pet mess under control.  Grooming pets can help to reduce the amount of fur and fluff left inside the house.  But inevitably, there can be little tumble weeds of fur left rolling down the hallway!  I know we love our pets, and we wouldn’t be without them.  So it can be handy to have a hand vacuum cleaner nearby to zoom over those little fluff balls before they look like a scene out of a wild west movie!

How else to keep your house looking great?

Call the experts at house cleaning Caloundra, Mooloolaba and Sunshine Coast!  Here at Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning we have the professional cleaning solutions to leave your house with that special clean feeling – every time!