Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Productsre you passionate about the environment? Are you looking for a professional and reliable cleaning company on the Sunshine Coast? Would it be your dream come true to discover a company that only uses environmentally friendly cleaning products? Look no further – you have found Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning.

Do you wander down the supermarket cleaning products aisle, despairing how many chemicals are in the average cleaning product? Have you ever found yourself wondering where these chemicals end up once they are rinsed down the drain? If you have ever had similar thoughts, you are not alone!

Considering the cleaning products and chemicals we use and their effects on the environment is becoming more and more popular.  And for good reason. The damage these chemicals do the environment is catastrophic. From making the wildlife sick, to affecting human health, these products can be detrimental to almost anything they touch.

Due to this increased awareness about these damaging products, environmentally friendly cleaning products are becoming increasingly sought after these days. That’s one of the benefits of working with Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning. All the products used are kind to the environment and the people in it! Andrew and Anne strive to limit their environmental impact in everything they do.  As a result, they insist on using only environmentally cleaning products and methods in their business.  This is without compromising their high standards of cleaning.

Why is the average cleaning product so bad for the environment?  What harm do they cause?

When it comes to household cleaning products, it’s hard to imagine the extent and types of danger they pose to the environment.  Can anyone really fathom the problems they can cause and the devastating affects they can have? Picture millions of these products being used on a daily basis, in large quantities, almost always being washed down the drain. And as a result, flowing into our waterways.  Then you can imagine that is a lot of waste being poured into our beautiful oceans.

Once in the waterways, these chemicals have the ability to cause catastrophic damage to our aquatic life and the animals that rely on the water to stay hydrated. These waterways, creeks and ponds are where a large number of our farm animals get their water, as well as native Australian animals such as koalas and kangaroos.

Aquatic animals such as dugongs, sharks and dolphins often get sick from this chemical run off. This is a huge threat to the future of these beautiful marine animals, and is sadly contributing to the decline in their population. The fact that these products and chemicals are putting our sea life at risk, as well as potentially poisoning our farm and native animals makes the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products extremely desirable!

Can these chemicals cause harm to humans?

Unfortunately, yes! For a number of reasons, these products have been shown to have negative effects on humans, as well as animals. Traditional, chemical-based cleaning products eventually accumulate in  marine life, such as fish, which then get consumed by humans. This means that the average human is consuming chemicals on a regular basis!

Another factor to be considered is that when a business, office space or home is cleaned with products that contain these nasty chemicals, the people using the space are left to breathe them in. These types of products have also been known to cause skin and eye irritation, which can be both frustrating over time!

Where did Andrew and Anne’s passion for environmentally friendly cleaning products come from?

Andrew and Anne have always been passionate about providing high quality service.  In addition, they have always been passionate about avoiding toxic chemicals or products that can be harmful. This shows in their dedication to using the eco-friendly products from Norwex, which they currently clean with. Anne works as an independent consultant of Norwex.  This demonstrates how truly passionate they are about products that don’t cause harm to the environment.

If you are looking for commercial cleaning to service your business, office, home or other space, we invite you to contact us.  If you are also passionate about using products that are both effective and kind to the environment, we can help. For property in and around the Sunshine Coast Contact us today!