Cleaning Services in Sunshine Coast

Providing Exceptional Cleaning Results Using Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Products.  We Guarantee Clean. Safe. Healthy.

Commercial Cleaning

We specialize in eco-friendly cleaning that affords you peace of mind, knowing that your business space is being cleaned to the highest standard, without using harsh chemicals. This means you can focus on your value-adding tasks.

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Pressure Cleaning

Do you have grubby walkways and dirty concrete? Does your driveway or garden path look like it needs a good scrub? We carefully and attentively return your outdoor surfaces to that wonderful near-new look your property deserves.

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Window Cleaning

One of our most popular services is window cleaning. Sunshine Coast properties cop their fair share of everyday weather and the sea spray doesn’t help. Once they are properly cleaned, the transformation is remarkable.

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Creating a safe haven for customers and staff inside offices and businesses, free from harmful cleaning chemicals.

Are you looking for professional cleaning services in Sunshine Coast suburbs and hinterland? May we introduce Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning!

Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning is a health conscious cleaning company that provides cleaning services for both private residents and businesses. First of all, doing a great job is just half of what we aim to achieve for our clients.  Also, we are passionate about using high quality, eco-friendly products. Only products that cause no harm to the environment, or those living within it, pass our safety test.

Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning is a family run business, owned by Andrew Pow and Anne Braaten-Pow for over six years.  We focus on providing commercial cleaning services in Sunshine Coast towns and Hinterland areas.   Most noteworthy is that Crystal Clear has been expertly servicing the area for 26 years.  Andrew and Ann have been proudly upholding the long-standing reputation the business has in the local area. Andrew and Anne are passionate about providing customers with a safer and more environmentally friendly way to have their homes and businesses professionally cleaned. The team services customers from Caloundra and Kawana to Maroochydore, and out to Montville and Maleny West.

At Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning, we are passionate about providing high quality service to our customers. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly and professional services. If we wouldn’t use the product to clean our own home, we won’t use it on your property. It’s as simple as that.

Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning’s ethos revolves around providing a reliable and professional service.  Furthermore, they do this while using products that cause no harm to the people or the environment.

After all, it’s where people spend 8hrs or more per day…

Expect the Best when you ask Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning to clean for you. Clean. Safe. Healthy.
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Why are we passionate about being eco-friendly?

What does it mean to be eco-friendly? Aren’t all products safe for use if they are sold in regular supermarkets? While you may be led to believe so, the opposite is often true.  Unfortunately the term ‘eco-friendly’ is almost over used these days.   Consequently, it is sometimes difficult to decipher what is really meant when people say they are eco-friendly. Yet for Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning, the answer is simple.  It’s about using products that are kind to the environment and the people in it.

Cleaning Services in Sunshine CoastMany cleaning products available today are made with harsh chemicals that are dangerous to the environment. Because most of the products used end up going down the drain and running into the ocean or river systems, a problem arises. As a result of this, our marine friends suffer from these chemicals. You will probably agree that the homes of marine life don’t need the leftover chemicals humans use to keep their environments clean.

Animals such as fish, dugongs and dolphins have seen a decrease in the last decade. Scientists have concluded that this decrease is due to pollution and chemical runoff. Household cleaning products contribute to this runoff. One of the benefits of asking us to look after your cleaning needs is that you know no nasty chemicals are being used.  We’ve done the research and know what products we should use to achieve a pleasing, sparkling result without adding to the damage done to the environment.

Providing a healthy environment for staff, and others.

Animals aren’t the only ones affected by these nasty chemicals, however. In addition, people are often at risk when exposed to these types of products. This means that homeowners, employees, guests, tenants or anyone who steps within the space are exposed to harmful chemicals that humans aren’t meant to be breathing in. Harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation and affect breathing are often contained in regular household cleaners.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell whether these chemicals will affect you and others using the space.  For that reason it is better to stay on the safe side and take precautions to eliminate these potential risks and use alternatives. By using natural products you are avoiding these harsh chemicals.  Furthermore you are being kind to the environment.  Negative side affects on the people working/living in the cleaned space are also avoided!


Eco-friendly cleaning services in Sunshine Coast towns and suburbs and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Expect the Best when you ask Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning to clean for you.  Clean. Safe. Healthy.
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Who will benefit from Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning Services?

Businesses, organisations and individuals looking for a professional, environmentally responsible and reliable cleaning team to clean their space most appreciate our services. Unfortunately it can be difficult to find a service provider that takes such a strong stance on the products and methods they use.  One that actually walks the walk, not just talks! Hence, environmentally-conscious clients find Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning perfect to work with. They like working with professionals that take the time to provide reliable and high quality services, yet still care for their wellbeing.

Health-conscious businesses wanting that clean space feeling without the negative health or environmental consequences are the focus of our business.  Our services are suitable for the smallest commercial clients to larger-scale organisations. We have an outstanding track record with cleaning large spaces and organising washroom supplies for busy events.   This track record assures you of our professionalism.

We currently service a range of pharmacies, psychology offices, physiotherapies, clinics, childcare centres and more. We love hearing from businesses that want an outstanding result from their cleaning service without resorting to harsh chemicals.

If you’re looking for a company that you can rely on to provide an exceptional eco-friendly service, please call us! We currently have capacity to service new clients.  Let us share how we could exceed your cleaning expectations while using only the best, environmentally friendly products available.

Experience our expert cleaning services in Sunshine Coast towns, suburbs & Sunshine Coast Hinterland today!